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Are you tired and frustrated by wanting to learn more about having the best retirement blueprint, so you attend a dinner workshop hoping to get the facts you need? Only to find out it is a free meal with a sales pitch, typically where the agent pushes you to buy an annuity?  That isn’t financial education and frankly, we are frustrated with those slick sales people looking to make a sale.

My name is Michael Stevens and I founded Horizon Retirement Academy so you can finally get the full picture and the information you need to help you understand what is in your best interest.

Never in a million years did I think I would have ended up in finance.

I grew up in Calgary, Canada and was blessed to have a wonderful childhood.  My father was a successful business man and provided very well for my mom and my two sisters.  Growing up there wasn’t many concerns financially speaking in our lives.

During my college years that all changed as a result of one phone call, that I will never forget the call. My mom had taken me out for dinner and she got a phone call… The caller informed my mom that my dad had unexpectedly passed away.  We were shocked and in disbelief.  That one major event turned everything in our life upset down.

You see, my dad had always taken care of investments, insurance, and taxes for our family. Now my mom had no idea which direction to turn or where to begin.

Just as that one life event had a dramatic impact on our lives financially, it can happen to you as well.  Our mission is to give you education so that it shouldn’t happen to you with careful planning.

When you attend one of our educational courses, our commitment to you is just to educate.  No sales pitches or scare tactics.  We believe that people know what they want and just need the right information to help them make the best decisions possible.

At the end of the course, we won’t pressure you to sit down with us.   There is no ulterior motive. My mission is that none of our attendees ever have to go through the financial chaos that my mom went through.  If you are interested in meeting, we would be happy to sit down and provide a second opinion to what you are currently doing.

I look forward to giving you the education to give you the best chance possible to help you succeed in retirement.


Michael Stevens – President

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